Delivering low carbon, sustainable food production in Wrexham

The Food System

The food system as we know it is under strain from an increasing global population, changes in dietary demand and Climate change. These challenges have been bought into even sharper focus by the ongoing COVID19 pandemic, where strain on the food supply chain has seen empty supermarkets, long queues and questions over food miles.

About Low Carbon Farming

Set in this context, and before COVID19, the team at Low Carbon Farming set out to improve the efficiency and carbon footprint of greenhouses. By using heat pump technology and the excess heat in water being returned to the environment from Waste-Water Treatment Works, we have reduced a greenhouse’s carbon footprint by 75%. This technology and method we see as key in reducing the carbon footprint of food production to help the UK become a carbon neutral economy by 2050.

Our first two sites in Norfolk and Suffolk are now nearing completion. Covering 70 acres, they will be capable of producing 12% of UK tomatoes and will create 350 permanent jobs in the local

Developing a world class site

Five Fords in Wrexham offers a unique opportunity to deliver a world-class site for low carbon food production using waste heat and CO2 from the nearby Welsh Water Five Fords Waste-Water Treatment Works. Building on the success of our sites in East Anglia, using cutting edge design and technology, water recycling, enhanced biodiversity areas and the creation of 150 jobs, we look forward to working with you in making Wrexham a market leader and centre for 21st century sustainable, low carbon food production.

  • pest control

    using screens reducing the need for pesticides

  • 10x less

    water usage than field farming

  • 75% less

    carbon footprint for our fresh produce

  • no wastage

    thanks to water recirculation

  • 10x more

    productive than field farming

Planning Documents

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